Do you have a great idea about a product or experience that you want to develop but don’t know where to start?  Maybe you have a product or experience already developed but just need some help taking it to market.
RTO7 can assist BruceGreySimcoe stakeholders to develop products and experiences that differentiate our region from other places in Ontario, plus benefit your business.  Experiences can help increase length of stay, increase yield per visitor and encourage visitors to return more frequently.  Because experiences are great for smaller groups, they can be a great addition to your COVID-19 recovery efforts. 

Program opportunities include:

  • Coaching (approximately 10 hours per project).
  • Tools and templates to assist with the development process.

  • Matching funds for marketing, 1:1 with a buy in of $500, to launch products and experiences.
  • Education (Experience Development 101) to help change the shift in thinking- moving into a more experiential focus from product development, training on consumer segmentation or marketing.
  • Customer analysis using your postal codes through the Environics Analytics program. 

The Experience Implementation program aims to help you invest in programming – the things for visitors to do – in existing spaces by creating value-added opportunities. For example:

The application fee is waived for 2022/23.  The applicant will receive Environics Analytics analysis of the postal code data provided (minimum of 500 per application).  Applications where multiple partners exist can have each partner’s postal code data analyzed or mobility data (municipalities only) for a cost of  $600.00 each. 

This data (provided it is provided 30 days in advance) will be useful to you in your marketing targeting and product development.  The markets, segments and activities that RTO7 targets i.e. the geographic audiences and types of tourists we are aiming to attract and types of activities we promote are outlined here. The data you provide through postal codes will be aggregated across all partners in the longer term to form a clearer, more refined picture of the state of tourism within the region to inform your and our future decision making. 

To check to see if you are eligible for the program, please review the program criteria by clicking on the links below.

Deadline for funding applications is January 31, 2023.
If you require more information or have any questions, contact Amanda at, 226-568-0242, Kim at, 519-379-2506 or Robyn Hewitt at, 647-549-2983